lab 1

field grass Chlorophylls and xanthophylls, extracted with acetone

lab 2

field grass Carotenoids, extracted with an acid

lab 3

paper filters

lab 4

different concentrations and pigments from acetone extraction

lab 5

cut grass kept fresh in wet towels

lab 6

cut grass before crushing the fibers

lab 7

lab equipment

lab 8

acetone immediately extracts the pigments

lab 9

extraction from a lawn near Hanze campus (left) and extraction from field grass (right)

lab 10

crushing the grass fibers

lab 11

evaporating the acetone

lab 9

ethanol evaporation in the rotavapor

lab 13

different grass ink tests on standard A4 paper. The colours change because of the acid in the paper.

Linde Expigments